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Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti, used by the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti to hold cultural events, is an impressive neo-Gothic building at the foot of the Accademia bridge and extends towards Campo Santo Stefano. The garden that surrounds it is one of the biggest of those visible from the Grand Canal; it has three distinct entrances, one at the foot of the Accademia bridge, one in Campo San Vidal and the main one in Campo Santo Stefano. The garden and palazzo can also be reached directly from the Grand Canal via the private jetty. The overall surface area in the building used for cultural activities measures 2850 square metres, divided into spaces for holding conferences and meetings (900 m²), exhibitions (450 m²) and the large garden (1500 m²). The palazzo has installed plant that allows sophisticated heating and air-conditioning of the exhibition areas. The rooms equipped for conferences (the Sala del Portego, Sala del Giardino and Sala Alta) can be connected to one another and with the outside by video conference facilities. The technical equipment in the palazzo allows the organisation of events at which up to 75 speakers can take part at the same time and with simultaneous translation. The Sala del Portego can also be expanded with other prestigious spaces on request to ensure a more successful event.

Palazzo Loredan, owned by the state, has been the historic premises of the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti since 1891 and is where the activities of its academic life take place, with its historic library, archives, art collections and offices. The building takes up a considerable part of Campo Santo Stefano, onto which it faces. The fine 16th-century building works can be admired along the main facades, particularly the north elevation, which is entirely clad in Istrian stone. The restoration carried out over recent years by the Istituto Veneto and the Magistrato alle Acque involved an area of 3200 square metres divided into more than 60 rooms on five different levels. The aim was to make an internal rearrangement of the activities, improve access and rationalise the work spaces with the installation of modern audio-video and data transmission equipment in all rooms, especially those intended for meetings and the academic meeting room. All the rooms are centrally heated and air-conditioned and fully comply with current fire prevention and safety regulations. The restoration works allowed a 150 square metre exhibition space fitted with sophisticated plant to be created on the ground floor with direct access from Campo Santo Stefano. The main entrance, where the ‘Pantheon Veneto’ collection of marble busts is on display, can also be used for temporary art exhibitions.

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